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  • Mosby's nursing video skillsMosby's nursing video skills : basic, intermediate, & advanced skills

    BASIC SKILLS - Bathing [Performing a complete or partial bed bath, Assisting with a tub bath or shower, Performing back massage, Performing Perineal care for a female patient, Performing perineal care for a male patient] : Bedmaking [Making an unoccupied bed, making an occupied bed, making a surgical bed] : Safe Patient handling [Assisting with moving a patient in bed, assisting with positioning a patient in bed, transferring from a bed to a wheelchair using a transfer belt, transferring from a bed to a stretcher, performing passive range-of-motion exercises, applying elastic stockings, assisting with ambulation using a gait belt, using a sequential compression device, using a hydraulic lift] Assisting with Elimination [Assisting with a urinal, assisting with a bedpan, applying a condom catheter, administering a cleansing enema, providing catheter care] Nutrition and Fluids [Assisting with meals, taking aspiration precautions, measuring intake and output] Personal Hygiene and Grooming [Performing oral hygiene for an unconscious patient, cleaning dentures, performing hair care and shampooing in bed, shaving a male patient, performing nail and foot care, assisting with a gown change] Vital Signs [Taking temperatures, assessing radial pulse, assessing apical pulse, assessing apical-radial pulse, assessing respiration, obtaining blood pressure by the one-step method, obtaining blood pressure by the two-step method, measuring oxygen saturation with pulse oximetry, assessing pain, measuring height and weight] Restraints and Alternatives [Using restraint alternatives, applying restraints] - INTERMEDIATE SKILLS - Infection Control [Establishing and maintaining a sterile field, adding items to a sterile field, pouring a sterile solution, using a prepackaged sterile kit, performing sterile gloving] Enteral Nutrition [Inserting a nasogastric tube, providing enteral feedings, removing a feeding tube] Ostomy Care [Pouching a colostomy, pouching a urostomy] Respiratory Care and Suctioning [Ensuring oxygen safety, setting oxygen flow rates, applying a nasal cannula or face mask, maintaining an airway, providing tracheostomy care, performing oropharyngeal suctioning, performing nasotracheal and nasopharyngeal suctioning] Preoperative Nursing Care [Performing a preoperative assessment, promoting family support and participation, teaching postoperative exercises, preparing a patient for surgery] Postoperative Nursing [Providing postoperative care, managing pain, managing a nasogastric tube] Specimen Collection [Collecting a midstream urine specimen, fecal occult blood testing, performing gastric occult blood testing, collecting a sputum specimen, collecting a specimen for wound culture, performing blood glucose testing, screening urine for chemical properties] Urinary Catheter Management [Inserting an indwelling urinary catheter in a female patient, inserting an indwelling urinary catheter in a male patient, irrigating a urinary catheter, performing intermittent straight catheterization, obtaining a specimen from an indwelling urinary catheter, removing an indwelling urinary catheter, caring for a suprapubic catheter] Wound and Pressure Ulcer Care [Assessing wounds, irrigating wounds, changing a dressing, using wound drainage systems, caring for pressure ulcers] - ADVANCED SKILLS - Safe Medication Administraition [Ensuring the six rights of medication administration, administering oral medications, documenting medication administration,handling medication variations, preventing medication errors, using automated medication dispensing systems] Nonparenteral Medication Administration [Applying topical medications, applying an estrogen patch and nitroglycerin ointment, administering eye medications, administering ear medications, using a metered-dose inhaler, using a dry powder inhaler, inserting a rectal suppository] Injections [Preparing injections from an ampule, preparing injections from a vial, preparing and administering insulin, drawing up more than one type of insulin, administering intradermal injections, administering subcutaneous injections, administering inramuscular injections] Administering Intravenous Fluid Therapy [Preparing an infusion site, performing venipuncture, dressing the infusion site, troubleshooting intravenous infusions, discontinuing intravenous therapy] Managing Intravenous Fluid Therapy [Regulating an intravenous infusion, using an infusion pump, changing intravenous tubing and fluids, changing intravenous dressings] Intravenous Medication Administration [Administering IV medications by piggyback, administering IV medications by mini-infusion pump, administering medications by intravenous bolus] Transfusion of Blood and Blood Products [Preparing for a transfusion, initiating a transfusion, monitoring for adverse reactions to a transfusion] Vascular Access [Performing dressing care for a central venous access device (CVAD), drawing blood and administering fluid, troubleshooting vascular access devices] Parenteral Nutrition [Administering parenteral nutrition through a central line (CPN), administering PPN with lipid infusion].

  • MKSAP 17MKSAP 17 : Part B - Infectious Disease

    Brown, Patricia D.

    Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program; Part B. [V.1] Endocrinology and Metabolism -- [V.2] General Internal Medicine -- [V.3] Infectious Disease -- [V.4] Nephrology -- [V.5] Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.

  • Chest drainageChest drainage

  • Fundamentals of nursing made incredibly easy!Fundamentals of nursing made incredibly easy!

  • Innovations in nursing educationInnovations in nursing education : building the future of nursing - Volume 1

    Instructor's Reference Collection - IRC.

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